Monday, November 1, 2010

My Baby Brother, James Greg!

James Greg Bullington

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got lots of candy haha. :) Guess how much candy I got? Zero! I suppose when I have children they will bring me some. :) Today I am posting about my baby brother, my last sibling, James Greg. Oh how much I love him! He is one of those type of children that you just want to squeeze his cheeks cause he's so cute! :) Of course he would hate that. :) And I have to say that he is growing up WAYYY too fast! :) But aren't they all?

James Greg was born on February 4, 2000. He is my only sibling who was born in the 2000's and Mama also carried on with calling him by his first and middle name like she started with Maria Rose. He is named after my dad's dad (Billy James) and my dad (Greg). I was 11 years old when he was born, and I was pretty much his second mama. :) I have always called him my baby since I helped raise him, and I still call him that to this day. And of course he HATES it! Haha! I am really trying not to call him that to his face since I embarrass him lol, but he will always be my baby. Even if he gets bigger than me, he will always be my baby! Forever! :D

James Greg and me!

James Greg was and is a sweetheart. He was definitely a Mama's boy, too. Since James Greg was Mama's last baby, she kind of held him closer to her because she wanted him to always be her little baby, too. He was born with a sensitive spirit about him. Not to say that he isn't all boy too, but he definitely had/has such a sweet spirit to him. I remember he used to love stuffed animals and Mama also made some for him. He also really liked Care bears. When Mama was sick, James Greg had a Care bear who got sick with cancer as well. I guess that was his way of coping with Mama's sickness. After a few months, his Care Bear became well again. He also loved to dress up! He would dress up as a cowboy, a soldier, a Native American, Spiderman, etc. He would have rather wear his costumes instead of normal clothes, and he did a lot of the times.

When he was really little Maria Rose got a horse stick for her birthday, and she named the horse, Emily. Well, James Greg then called ALL horses Emily. We would be riding in the car, and we would pass horses in a field and we would ask him what they were. He would shout out, "Emilys"! :D That was so adorable! :D He also had nick names for all his siblings. He called me "Duh Duh", he called Carla, "La La", he called Jared, "Bill", he called Mandy, "Mo Mo", and he called Maria Rose, "Lou La". And he called himself "ME"! :D Soooo cute!!! :)

Today he is still such a sweetheart, and I love him so much! He likes to play baseball, and is really good at it. I have been to one of his games and I was so proud of him! :) When I see him I always want to hug and kiss him, and he is like grossed out. LOL! You know how little boys are. :) He also has a sarcastic side to him, too. If you like something, he will like the opposite of what you like. Example being football teams. Whatever teams my siblings like, he will pick the other team on purpose. :) He is so smart, too!

James Greg, if you are reading this, know that I love you so much. I don't mean to embarrass you lol, but I can't help it. I know that you may not remember me living at home that well since you were so little, but know that when I was there, I was your second mama. And Carla being your third. :) You are my baby brother and I have always loved you so much! You will always hold such a special place in my heart! Know that I am here if you ever need anything, okay? I love you so much and I miss you!
You'll always be my baby!
I love you,

Carla and I dressed him up in our baby doll clothes and we would play with him when we played "house". :)

James Greg in camo with a dead squirrel.

James Greg in his camo.

James Greg!

James Greg holding Hildago!

James Greg, the cowboy!

James Greg and his birthday cake- Spiderman!

James opening gifts at his birthday party.

James Greg with his Care Bear and Mandy and Maria Rose's Cabbage Patch doll.

James Greg dressed in his soldier costume.

Tough Guy!

James in his baseball uniform.

Captain James Greg!

Sweet smile!

James Greg having fun at the ocean.

Our whole family!