Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome day! :) I haven't updated my blog in a long time, and I have some news to share so I thought I would go ahead and let everyone know. Before I begin please if you have any hurtful or judgmental things to say, please don't bother to say anything at all.

The news is that Jeremiah and I are getting a divorce. This has been in the works for awhile, not a rash decision. I am not going to go into why we are because it's between us. Not trying to be a stick in the mud here, but it's just the way it is. Jeremiah and I got married wayyyyyy too early and too fast. We have had our ups and downs over the years we have been married. And we just realize that we made a mistake and we are moving on with our lives.

We are not mad at each other, just ready to start the next chapter in our lives. I know some of you may not agree with this, but this is my life and I have to do what I have to do. Walk in my shoes for awhile and you will understand why. So please keep any hurtful comments to yourself.

Right now we are separated and I'm working on getting my own place. I have a great job and am happy there. This is not a rash decision, it's been in the works for awhile. I've just been trying to figure out what I'm going to do. What has kept me here is being scared of being on my own, but I'm strong and I know I can do it. I have many wonderful people in my life who support me and I know I will be just fine.

I'm going to go for now, but again I wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!