Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is something I wrote after my Mama died, and I was really depressed and sad. I want to start sharing some of my writings here on my blog. I can't say that the idea is mine. My aunt Andrea does the same thing, and I hope she won't mind me doing the same. Things I write about come from my heart, and what my heart was feeling at the time. They are not professional writings nor do they rhyme. They are just very honest feelings from my heart. I have already posted one before this one that is called Came To You . This one is called The Darkness. I will always continue to write, and I will find some more that I have written and share them with you.

There are moments like these that I begin to believe that my life has no purpose, no meaning, and that I was put here by mistake. It seems when I plunge through my misery to make it to the other side; the tunnel always becomes longer, darker, and I am afraid. Afraid that I will never see the light again.
It is for the saving of my soul that I must keep walking through this life of misery and pain. When will it all come to an end? When will my heart stop suffering as I plunge through the darkness? When will my soul be at peace? These questions haunt me, torment me, and I must walk alone...never knowing the answers.


Andrea Tadpole said...

The Darkness speaks to my soul so deeply. I totally understand the feelings you described. Death and grief take us to places we never thought we would go. Thanks for sharing your writings. It reminds me I'm not alone.

By the way, I am thrilled that you are posting your writings in a blog too, it doesn't bother me at all. I think its great! I wish others in our family would do the same. Please keep it up! You are a phenomenal writer!!

Love You!!