Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Written by: Paige Tadpole
Date: April 13, 2009
Title: Sunshine

I wrote this poem about my Mama one day when I my heart was breaking. She used to sing "You Are My Sunshine" when I was a little girl so that's the inspiration behind this poem. My siblings and I all had our own song and this was my song. Now whenever I hear it, I think of her and when she used to sing it to me.


There are so many times when the memories of you fill every corner in my mind. There aren't any words to describe the feeling when I think of you. Your smile lights up my soul like sunshine on a dreary day. But then your smile is taken away with the sudden realization that you are gone.

You said sunshine makes the gray clouds disappear. You promised blue skies on a sunny day. To you I was your sunshine, but without you I cannot shine. Please come back where you belong that we may shine together.

You sang to me when I was a child about the sunshine and the rain, comforting me when I was scared or in pain. You held me, rocked me, and I always knew I was deeply loved by the touch of your hands. But you are gone now, leaving me to find my own way.


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Andrea Tadpole said...

Sedrick sang the song "You Are My Sunshine" for his little boy Aiden's funeral. Such a beautiful song. I'm sure your mom sang it beautifully. The song my mom sang to me was called Scarlet Ribbons. It was beautiful. I can still hear her singing it in my heart today.