Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mama's Cakes

Hi! Okay, I finally got all the pictures of Mama's cake scanned. Sorry it took so long. I got half of them scanned last night, and the rest scanned today. It will be a lot of pictures on this post, but I wanted to show them all. But this isn't even a drop in the bucket of how many cakes she made. This is only a SMALL handful of cakes she made. Hope you enjoy!


This is a wedding cake my mom made for my cousin- October/2003.

This is a groom's cake my mom made for my cousin- October/2003.

My mom with Beauty cake from "Beauty and the Beast".

This cake she made for a friend for her high school graduation- 2002.

This is my high school graduation cake. June/2006

My 18th Birthday cake. (Fairy) 2006

My 17th Birthday Cake. (Daisies) 2005

My 16th Birthday Cake (Roses) 2004

My brother, Jared's 1st Birthday Cake (Hunter) 1994

My sister, Carla's 5th Birthday Cake ("Belle" from Beauty and the Beast) 1996

My 11th Birthday Cake. (Samantha from American Girl Dolls) April/1999

My sister, Carla's 2nd Birthday Cake (Bunny) April/1993

My 7th Birthday Cake (Jasmine from Aladdin) April/1995

My brother, Jared's 6th Birthday Cake (Balto from the movie, Balto) February/1999

A cake she made for a friend's son.

My 8th Birthday Cake (Pocahontas) April/1996

My sister, Mandy's 1st Birthday Cake (Precious Moments) February/1996

My sister, Maria Rose's K5 graduation cake.

My 5th Birthday Cake. (Belle) April/1993

My 9th Birthday Cake (Barbie) April/1997

My sister, Carla's 15th Birthday Cake (Flowers) April/2006

My brother, James Greg's 6th Birthday Cake. (Bear and Bunny) February/2006

My brother, Jared's 13th Birthday Cake. (Plane) February/2006

My brother, Jared's 3rd Birthday Cake. (Winnie the Pooh) February/1996

My sister, Carla's 8th Birthday Cake (Minnie Mouse) April/1999

My sister, Mandy's 5th Birthday Cake (Precious Moments) February/2000

My sister, Carla's 1st Birthday Cake (Holly Hobby) April/1992

My brother, Jared's 11th Birthday Cake. (Arrowhead) February/2004

My sister, Mandy's 11th Birthday Cake (Cat and Dog from American Girl Dolls) February/2006

My sister, Carla's 3rd Birthday Cake (Barney) April/1994

Thanksgiving cake


Jackie said...

All of these are beautiful and good tasting, but what about the chocolate,the caramal, the red velvet, the humming bird, the Italian cream and the great pound cake. Wow, we could get hungry. And biscuits - noone can make biscuits like Miriam.

paigebeth said...

Like I said these are only a small handful of cakes Mama made. She made so many more, more than anyone could count. Yes, I agree they were all delicious!!!