Thursday, September 2, 2010

My memories of my Mama!

Hello! Wow, I can't believe it's already September! Where did 2010 go?? Pretty soon it will be Christmas (my favorite holiday! :D), and then we will be starting 2011.

September is a bittersweet month for me. Coming up this Tuesday (September 7th) is my wedding anniversary to my husband, Jeremiah. We will be married 3 years! I'm so thankful God has let us come this far, and has helped us through all the good and bad times.

But other than that very sweet time, September also is a sad time for me. My wonderful and precious Mama died on September 13, 2006. I can't believe this month it will have been 4 years since she has been gone. I never would have thought I could live without her, only God has helped me make it. I was/am a Mama's girl, you couldn't pull me away from her. I miss her so much, and just wish I could talk to her again. I miss hearing her voice, I miss seeing her, I miss having "our talks", and a whole multitude of other things I miss about her. But one thing I do have are memories. No one can take that away from me, and what keeps me going until I reach Heaven one day where she is waiting for me.

My Grandma came up with the idea of me sharing a memory I have of my mom on each day in September. That way it kinda helps with the fact of what month it is, and also you can know more about her through me. So I will try my best to each day this month post a memory of my Mom. I love you so much Mama, and I can't wait to see you!!!

To start these collections of memories I have of Mama, I have to start with what she was probably known best for (by people around town and surrounding area)- her cooking/baking!!! She was a wonderful cook/baker, if not the best I have seen in my lifetime. She could do it all! She made everything from scratch, we never had "boxed" foods. Everything she made was rich in flavor and so good. Needless to say everyone we knew loved coming over to eat! :D And I was her right hand girl in the kitchen. My other siblings were too small to be of any interest and my sister, Carla didn't really care at the time. She always had me doing small jobs in the kitchen, and always teaching me something.
People also loved to order cakes from her. She could make chocolate, caramel, coconut, hummingbird, carrot, red velvet, and more. They were delicious!!! And she would also make birthday cakes. There's so telling how many cakes she made over the years. For our birthdays she would decorate a cake in whatever we asked for. It was amazing how good she was at decorating cakes! She didn't even have any formal training, all she took were some Wilton cake decorating classes when I was a baby. I wish I could show you some pictures of some cakes she made with this post, but I'm going to have to do it on a separate post since I have some errands to run today and things to do. But I will show you next time.
I was her little shadow in the kitchen, always asking about things and wanting to learn more. She taught me all I know! I would watch her all the time while I saw her make foods/cakes. I remember one time I decided to make her Divinity Pecan Pie all by myself without her help. Everything went fine until I had to make those egg whites stiff LOL! She rescued the pie, but it taught me that no matter how many times you watch someone do something, you can't learn how to do it until you do it yourself.
I want to thank my Mama for taking the time to teach me all I know in the kitchen, and I wish she were still here to teach me how to decorate cakes. She was the best, and I believe no one can live up to what she was in the kitchen. I only hope to be half as a good as what she was.




Jackie said...

Beautifully done, Paige! There is great truth in that old hymn "Precious Memories"! Thank you, Paige.