Saturday, September 4, 2010

Memory of Mama #2

Hello! I didn't post anything yesterday because I was gone all day, and by the time I got home I was so tired. But I'm posting one now, and if I get to it this evening I will post another one to make up for yesterday. :)

Today I want to share a quality my mom and I shared. It's something I really miss with her being gone. My mom and I were alike in so many ways, and we understood each other. We were both shy, quiet, creative souls. So many people want me to change my personality, but my mom understood. We LOVED to talk, sometimes we would just sit and talk, and other times we talked about everything while we were doing something. I miss those talks so much!!! She truly understood me when no one could.

I also remember the love for babies/children my mom and I shared. My mom had 5 miscarriages, and we missed those babies so much. Long after the miscarriages had happened everyone would forget, but Mama and I would still talk about them and cry because we missed them. It's strange how you can miss someone you never met, but it's real. A LOT of people couldn't stand that Mama wanted more children, but she loved her children so much! I know that because she said so A LOT! She devoted her life to her family, and if that's not love, I don't know what is. I know she is spending every day in Heaven with my brothers and sisters that went before us. I am so happy that she can finally be with them and know them and love them. I just can't wait until we can ALL be in Heaven together.

I love you Mama and I love you my wonderful brothers and sisters who I have never met. I miss you all so much and I always will!



Andrea Tadpole said...


From your description I can tell that your mother was a loving, nurturing person. I know that she sure instilled those qualities in you. I totally understand what its like to love and long to be with little ones that you never got to meet. I miss my little Zoey and Mikey every day. Those that don't understand must have no heart I guess. Anyway, this idea to blog each day about your mom is awesome. I think it brings her spirit even closer.

Love you!