Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Rosy Little Sis, Maria Rose!

Maria Rose Bullington

Hello! Wow, I can't believe I am blogging 3 days in a row! :D I really enjoy blogging and when I can think of something to post, I love it! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Today is my little sis', Maria Rose's turn. She was born June 10, 1998. She was the first child born by a midwife, she was the first to be born before her due date (by two days), the first to not like a pacifier and the first to be called by her first and middle names. My mama LOVED Maria Rose put together and she wanted her to be called that. She would always correct us when we just called Maria, and she didn't like other people doing that. Over the years we have called her Rose for short or Rosie. Mama used to say she was her little rosebud. :)

Maria Rose has always had a more independent spirited personality. She loves to laugh and have a good time. She is so sweet & loving and has such a kind heart. She is kind of shy at first when you meet her, but after she warms up she is very friendly and outgoing.

She was the first baby I really remember helping take care of. She was born when I was 9 years old. I remember when we moved when she was a baby I was the babysitter. I kind of had mixed feelings about that since I was missing from all the action(moving things). But I held her, entertained her and kept her company. That is one of my first vivid memories of her as a baby.

When my mom became pregnant with James Greg, Maria Rose was still sleeping with my parents. So Mama and I had to wean her out of their bedroom and into mine and Carla's. We set up a toddler bed for her to sleep in, but where did she sleep every night? With Carla and me! :D But we didn't mind. :) Later on she shared a room with Mandy. Maria Rose and Mandy have always been close since they are close in age like Carla and I are.

Maria Rose always shared my love of cats. Once I had this cat named Prissy and she would suck on the inside of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. For a long time she would only do it to mine and Maria Rose's hand. She then started sucking my mom's hand. Those were the only three people she ever did it to. My mom also loved cats, too. Guess that's where we got the love for them.

I also remember once when we were little, we were playing outside one evening. My parents were working in the garden we had, and Carla and I were playing with Mandy and Maria Rose in the dirt/sand we had in the drive way. Ground bees started buzzing around us and Carla, Mandy and I ran screaming. Maria Rose was a toddler, and we left her there playing in the dirt. Mama and Daddy came running and Mama scolded us for leaving Maria Rose with bees flying around her. Guess we got what we deserved because we were all stung except Maria Rose. So if I have never apologized for that Maria Rose, I apologize now. :)

If you are reading this Maria Rose, I want you to know that you one of the best sisters a girl could ever ask for. I always love to see your smiling, radiant face. You are so sweet and kind! I pray for you every day that God show you how much I love you! I miss you so much and I love you even more. You will always be my little rosebud, too!
I love you,

Paige and Maria Rose July/2009

Paige and Maria Rose July/2009

Paige and Maria Rose July/2009

Maria Rose and Paige January/2010

Paige and Maria Rose January/2010

Maria Rose and Paige August/2008

Maria Rose and Paige April/2006

Maria Rose June/1999- Her 1st Birthday!

Maria Rose

Maria Rose- such a cutie pie! :D

Maria Rose- Easter

Maria Rose in her jammies :)

Mandy and Maria Rose- Two Cuties! :)

Maria Rose (Either 2005 or 2006)

Maria Rose with my cat, Prissy!

Maria Rose posing for the camera. (2005 or 2006)

Maria Rose at my second wedding ceremony October/2007

Maria Rose August/2008

Paige, Carla, Jared, Mandy and Maria Rose- Dressed up for a Valentines party at church.

Mama, Paige, Carla, Jared, Mandy, Maria Rose and James Greg on vacation in Pensacola, Florida.